Kayak Eco Tours

Half Day Tour – 3 Hours Adults and children of all ages!

The cost of the Kayak Eco tour is: $129.00 per adult, $109.00 13-17 years old, FREE 12 & under. All tours are fully refundable if canceled within 24 hours of your departure time. In the event of bad weather or advisories we will do our best to reschedule your tour, or we will cancel and issue a full refund.

Everglades Kayak Eco Tour

Our kayak tour is a three our tour that will take you through the mangroves, and the tunnels they create in the way that they grow majestically along the rivers edge. In the wetter parts of the season we kayak out into the flooded grasses as well. These ares are where some of our most famous and popular residents live, and thrive! Of course we are hoping to view the great Florida Alligators, in their natural habitat. They’re always smiling! possibly turtles, frogs, raccoons. along with various herons, egrets, and lots of other bird life, traveling to and fro from their rookeries. There is also species of orchids scattered throughout the river systems of the Everglades, that we love to point out to our guests, especially when they’re blooming! So unique in itself, you have to experience this tour to understand.

Native tours is proud to be partnering with Calusa Country Outfitters, to offer you a more complete Everglades experience. Now we can offer you a wondrous tour of the freshwater habitats of the Everglades, and it’s inhabitants. Get closer and go quieter in a kayak! As with the boat tours, we provide sunscreen, water and cliff bars. If it’s not too hot longer clothes are recommended for mosquito protection. At your discretion. Come let us not only show you around, but get everyone back safe and sound, hopefully with some great photos and stories to tell! Were lookin forward to it! See everyone soon!.

The cost of the Full Day Combo Motorboat & Kayak Eco tour is: $250.00 per person (2 people required)

Full Day Combo Motorboat Eco & Kayak Tour

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